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Rescuing an abandoned dog; Frankie’s story

Bang Wad Dam, Phuket Thailand May 25, 2015 The little fluffy dog sat by the side of the road alone, only just recognizable as a dog, but strangely familiar at the same time. I thought maybe I’d seen him or her running around with the local pack of dogs, a week or maybe even two earlier and I’d… Read More »

Taking pets to Australia

The aim of this post is to give an overview of what is involved in taking pets to Australia from Thailand. I hope to generate some discussion and also share some success stories. It is also well worth a read if you are an Aussie expat considering adopting a dog overseas. Taking pets to Australia is a lengthy,… Read More »

How to find a lost cat

Although this is about how to find a lost cat it is our fervent hope that you might take some of this advice and use it to not lose your cat in the first place. Losing a pet is every fur parent’s nightmare but there are some important steps that you can take that will help prevent this kind… Read More »