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We are two dogs, a cat and a lady who used to live in Phuket, Thailand. We recently moved to Australia and you can read all about our epic journey here

two-white-dogs-and-their-catNut is a gorgeous dog who was once a little lost puppy found on the streets of Phuket at 7 weeks of age in 2011. Her Daddy named her Nut after the “Peanuts” comic strip.

She’s now 7.




two-white-dogs-and-their-catMickey is a very handsome cat who was just another unwanted kitten destined for the temple, which is where unwanted cats often end up in Thailand. His Daddy purchased him for 4 Thai baht “one for each paw” (about 10 cents) in 2014 when he was about 10-12 weeks old. He’s named after a little dog that we sadly lost back in 2013.

Mickey is now 4 and is strictly an indoor cat.



Frankie is a 4.4 kilo Toy Poodle. We don’t know if she’s pure-bred and we don’t care; she’s our little princess!

Nut and Mummy found her on May 25, 2015 while out running at Bang Wad Dam in Phuket.

After a rough start in life Mummy decided Frankie needed a  tough mafia-boss-type name and she’s definitely grown into it…we’re all a little scared of her sometimes 😉

Frankie is probably about 4 and we celebrate her birthday on May 25, the anniversary of when we found her.





This site has been created by me, Alison (aka Mummy) and I’m a lady from Australia.

I lived in Phuket for quite some time but in 2017 I returned to my country of origin, Australia with my 3 fur kids in tow. 

I love blogging about our adventures and there will be plenty more to come now that we are in Australia.

I am currently studying Dog Care and Grooming.



We are here to share stories and helpful information for other pet parents, so if there is any way we can help you feel free to leave us a comment or question or email

We are not vets or animal behaviorists or quarantine officials but we have had some interesting experiences.

With best wishes,

Nut, Mickey, Frankie and Alison


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