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What is Clicker Training?

So, What is Clicker Training? Put very simply, Clicker training is a method of positive reinforcement training using a handheld device called a clicker. You make a sound using the clicker at the precise moment your dog does something you want her to do and follow up with a treat. Using a clicker is much more accurate than… Read More »

Rescuing an abandoned dog; Frankie’s story

Bang Wad Dam, Phuket Thailand May 25, 2015 The little fluffy dog sat by the side of the road alone, only just recognizable as a dog, but strangely familiar at the same time. I thought maybe I’d seen him or her running around with the local pack of dogs, a week or maybe even two earlier and I’d… Read More »

From Thailand to Australia with two white dogs and their cat Part 5: The Battle for Nut and Frankie

Bringing dogs to Australia is a long, complicated and expensive process… but it is doable, most of the time.   I started this blog to tell our story for two main reasons. 1.  I want other Australians to know what’s involved in bringing their pets home before they acquire them, as I have seen many dogs rehomed and… Read More »