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From Thailand to Australia with two white dogs and their cat Part 1: Phuket to KLIA

I am writing this sitting in my Airbnb rented apartment in Sepang, Selangor Malaysia. We are headed to Australia from Thailand but had to stop off here in Malaysia because Australia won’t accept animals direct from Thailand. Nut, Mickey and Frankie are in quarantine nearby having served 4 of their 7 nights required by the Malaysian Government before… Read More »

Small Dog Syndrome

My toy poodle Frankie is the world’s most affectionate dog. Nobody loves me more than Frankie. She is my Velcro dog and my stalker. She is totally obsessed with me and I know that if I need some validation she’s ready and waiting, if not already in my lap. But unfortunately, this is just one side of the… Read More »

What is Clicker Training?

So, What is Clicker Training? Put very simply, Clicker training is a method of positive reinforcement training using a handheld device called a clicker. You make a sound using the clicker at the precise moment your dog does something you want her to do and follow up with a treat. Using a clicker is much more accurate than… Read More »

Rescuing an abandoned dog; Frankie’s story

Bang Wad Dam, Phuket Thailand May 25, 2015 The little fluffy dog sat by the side of the road alone, only just recognizable as a dog, but strangely familiar at the same time. I thought maybe I’d seen him or her running around with the local pack of dogs, a week or maybe even two earlier and I’d… Read More »

From Thailand to Australia with two white dogs and their cat Part 5: The Battle for Nut and Frankie

Bringing dogs to Australia is a long, complicated and expensive process… but it is doable, most of the time.   I started this blog to tell our story for two main reasons. 1.  I want other Australians to know what’s involved in bringing their pets home before they acquire them, as I have seen many dogs rehomed and… Read More »

From Thailand to Australia with two white dogs and their cat Part 4: Homecoming

This is Part 4 of our journey from Thailand to Australia. This is the story of 2 dogs (aka “The Girls”; Nut the mixed breed street puppy and Frankie the toy poodle) 1 cat (Mickey) and their human (that’s me, I’m Alison) We became a family in Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand and we’re making our way to my… Read More »

From Thailand to Australia with two white dogs and their cat Part 3: Life in Limbo

This is part 3 in a series about my relocation from Thailand to Australia with 2 dogs and a cat…. Part 1 is about preparations in Phuket before the journey and Part 2 is about quarantine in Malaysia on the way to Australia Sunday June 11 My XL Uber taxi pulls up outside an unmanned boom gate. Google… Read More »

From Thailand to Australia with two white dogs and their cat Part 2: Quarantine week in Malaysia

June 5, 2017  10.30am We’re boarded and taking off. I’ve got a ton of room in my Business Class seat with no one sitting next to me. I take some deep breaths and relax. As we go up the pilot says something about the seatbelt sign being left on and hot drinks not being served so I gather… Read More »

Taking pets to Australia

The aim of this post is to give an overview of what is involved in taking pets to Australia from Thailand. I hope to generate some discussion and also share some success stories. It is also well worth a read if you are an Aussie expat considering adopting a dog overseas. Taking pets to Australia is a lengthy,… Read More »

What to know before getting a dog (or cat)

I love my dogs and cat more than anything in the world and there’s not much I wouldn’t do for them.   And I know plenty of other people who feel the same way about their so called “pets”. We are willing to do whatever it takes within our power and sometimes whatever it takes can be a lot. So,… Read More »